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Evidence Based Intervention Programs for Teenagers

de Anda Bookshop also has titles on important topics related to teenagers. These intervention programs, complete with student workbooks and relaxation CDs, deal with critical issues that many teenagers face on a daily basis. These books can be used in the classroom or in small groups.

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Violence Prevention for Adolescents: A Cognitive-Behavioral Program for Creating a Positive School Climate

Designed for students in grades 6 through 12, this comprehensive, evidence-based program is perfect to use in classrooms, small groups, and other settings. The program has been thoroughly field-tested and successfully used with over 50,000 students in a number of school districts. Lively sessions include the use of a student workbook filled with entertaining examples and exercises related to the students' experiences and cartoons that help students learn coping strategies, cognitive restructuring techniques, and stress and anger management skills through discussion, demonstrations, group and individual activities, and relaxation procedures. The leader's manual contains step-by-step lesson plans and is accompanied by a free copy of a 13-minute Scanning Relaxation audio CD. The appendix includes an eight-page reproducible pre/posttest or pre/posttest packets can be purchased. A student workbook is necessary for each participant and is sold in packets of 10.

Stress Management for Adolescents: A Cognitive-Behavioral Program

This evidence based intervention program is designed for use in classrooms or small groups with youth in grades 6 though 12. It teaches both theory and methods for stress management in an age appropriate manner, using multiple practice exercises and examples related to adolescents' daily lives. Each participant uses a workbook with exercises, both general and related to his/her own experiences, as well as cartoons and illustrations aimed at maintaining the youth's interest. Participants learn a variety of methods for stress management. This program guide comes with a relaxation CD, entitled Scanning Relaxation. The program also uses student manuals that may be purchased separately.

Academic Books

 de Anda Bookshop also offers a variety of academic books to inform readers:

  • Controversial Issues in Multiculturalism
  • Social Work with Multicultural Youth
  • Culturally Diverse Populations: Reflections from pioneers in education and research
  • Violence: Diverse populations and communities